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Ravenous was dedicated to me - But BarryGreenland made up the name ... and the fact that she is the Raven Goddess. (Read his comments)

Here is a challenge - Ravenous is in love with a Raven ... but their love is :hmm: challenged(?) - You decide what is keeping them apart - but the final product must show them together ... and again, you decide, Alive and in Love or Romeo & Juliet of the Raven World?

So, all media allowed ...  All the submissions will be uploaded from the 25th and then the challenge closes.  I will feature all the submissions to the challenge between then and 1 Sept, when I will announce a winner ... and the prize is a one year subscription and a more detailed feature :)

Old and new submissions will be accepted but your note with the link must say WHY you think it is applicable to this challenge and you must link the entry to the Journal :P

Ok? Any questions you have to note me before the 5th.

All my love and thanks again to BarryGreenland
And PLEASE don't steal his work - only use the image as a starting place!

Mature Content

POTM 3 by grafikarto

Mature Content

BetceeMay5, HP5 Plus, 052 by photoscot
:thumb64626224: :thumb64530160:

Mature Content

DSC3449 by KirS-UA
DSC3477 by KirS-UA

Mature Content

Petals III by SmooOOoo
Hidden treasure by Wondershine :thumb37847668: :thumb76405320: hold on. by johnberd unfinished melody for piano by johnberd vulnerability by chipolaba :thumb69299581: :thumb76359120: :thumb73660281: :thumb76270516: :thumb75690307: :thumb76374435: :thumb70063208: lynenkurwes by TheridioN :thumb75382715: Before the Storm by Kaotika Back Drops by cable9tuba :thumb15301964:

Mature Content

She vol. 3 by Penquanta-Yavannie
. indri 2 by leonardo18 :thumb58856072: :thumb74512317: :thumb61114093: :thumb75048110: :thumb65734472:
"When the mayi-mayi attacked my village, we all ran away. In our flight, the soldiers captured all the girls, even the very young. Once with the soldiers, you were forced to "marry" one of the soldiers. Whether he was as old as your father or young, bad or nice, you had to accept. If you refused, they would kill you. This happened to one of my friends. They would slaughter people like chickens. They would not even bury the bodies they slaughtered... I even saw a girl who refused to be "married" being tortured…”.
- Jasmine, a 16 year-old girl who was recruited by the mayi-mayi armed group in South Kivu when she was 12. She now has a four-month-old baby.

Under international law, the recruitment and use of children under 18 is prohibited, and the recruitment and use of children under 15 is a war crime.

This is real. It happens every day ~ we just need to decide if we are going to do anything about it ...

:thumb65954766: No war by Destruktive :thumb30732206: Stop Child Porn Stamp by ppgrainbow UNICEF stamp by blessedchild Stop Violence Against Women by Sadiya

CHOOSE by thermalraven Education by coshipi Concentration by coshipi Chillies and garlic by coshipi Trails of Paradox by donaldsart Casualty of War by gilad Ayaklarimdan As Beni by manyakkuzu :thumb66768289: A Man From Sakkara by vydrova hood by lightandshadow My Angel Eyes by aparatka Recuerdo by marielee :thumb61061372: What would have happened  if I by thewolf15 Station_routine by NefeRj :thumb29964548: Indian Festival III by eskimoblueboy Alabama Gold Camp II by eskimoblueboy Mango series by YazmindePerez Child labour 9 by GMBAkash Bata by hersley :thumb54993281: if you could only see........ by islandtime Feed Africa by thereallybigboss :thumb51629719: Waiting again ... by Minam :thumb50831504: Melancolie by Minam Watching life ... by Minam :thumb46420327: Namibia People 18 by francescotosi The Unanswered by donaldsart
My son had his school concert recently and there is something that happens in your heart when you watch 140 children walk into a dark hall; holding candles - listening to Michael Jackson's old song "Heal the World".  The Music Video was on a big screen and my heart screamed for my friends who sees this hardship every day; who try and relieve a little bit of pain - and go to bed every night with it in their hearts. (They know who they are... :heart:)  Because it is our children who will inherit the world we leave them ... at random ...

BABY LOVE by ashishkumarrastogi :thumb69334246: KT4NOV2 by thermalraven :thumb68699721: :thumb69244882: :thumb68991984: LV1 by thermalraven THE DRESS by thermalraven WITHOUT PREJUDICE by thermalraven WHO   r    U ???? by HilanderNarry ' HOPE ' by HilanderNarry Loads of Worries by HilanderNarry Relief... by red-vervet Give Peace a Chance by red-vervet Between Soldiers by red-vervet :thumb67407193: :thumb52492241: :thumb49567381: kids and their mom by skullptures hide and seek by skullptures becca by andrewfphoto :thumb62738722: :thumb51384797: king of hearts by BitterGrapes the dark by islandtime :thumb62232603: SOUL by thermalraven a little pain by perikznc I Implore you II by Aj07 hello_one month by Dragon168 Sleeping with the cats by brianangg :thumb67407193: Breaking the Barriers by hersley LV7 by thermalraven Hey, you said SMILE??? by HilanderNarry elle est jolie - monochrome by SEREN-D-IPITY Displaced Identities by donaldsart Children at Ghana I by gianfrancozanobini :thumb68131658: :thumb66429170: Rape - Part One by maryana01 Teen Pregnancy - Part Two by maryana01 Suicide - Part Three by maryana01 Domestic Violence - Part Four by maryana01 thoughtful sentinel by FerdydurkeZabelin Motherhood by nnnuts SUNSET KID by thermalraven titimeh by titimeh :thumb54775687: :thumb65042465: a reason to live by Sadiya Innocent Smile by thewolf15 THE WIRE by thermalraven Labor of love by foureyes :thumb29963251: Sadness by Artsygirl777 Little Joy by TheBushmanZA black panther by FerdydurkeZabelin Children of Vanarasi IV by krevet The Kiss by deoroller :thumb38106618: :thumb46814323: a new hope by anupamas little warrior by CatchMe-22 plight of africa by CatchMe-22 little demon by julie-rc :thumb35021761: :thumb59949462: Must be in color by zvegi Mister, can you spare a dime? by gilad Sweet Dreams by JohnMerritt :thumb45862325: